On the 25th October, 2017, the School of Management and Economics (SME), UESTC, organized an open forum in A-311, SME Building, with 2018/2019 year group. The meeting was attended by 16 first year PhD students

The meeting was first addressed by the Director of International Students Office, Ms. Sherry Ruichen SHEN. In her address, she emphasized on the need for students to be punctual to class since she has receive some complains from instructors that some students do not attend class and others always report late.


She explained to students that her office is always open to listen to student’s concerns and needs, and hence students should confide in her and any suggestions or comments about instructors to her. As part of the activities for the semester she stated that her office will be organizing library orientation for students on November 1st 2018. She also explained the graduation requirement to students and also advised students to make good use of the lab and keep school properties well.

Students suggested that

1. Optimization instructor should concentrate on application if possible.

2. Some participants expressed keen interest in courses like econometrics (focusing on modeling).

3. Attestation with major written on it should be provided when students are graduating.

4. Create a WeChat group for communication purpose.

In her closing remarks, she entreated students to act as ambassadors of their respective countries since their current conducts will influence subsequent decisions on their respective countries. The participants praised the school for organizing such a program.

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